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Mope is a foraging/survival game set in a vibrant 2d environment. You start off as a mouse and make your way up the food chain through eating berries to gain xp. You progressively eat bigger animals and foods as you evolve. Your objective is simply survival, do this by evolving up the food chain and avoiding predators. Th evolution concept is an increasing popular idea among io games in 2020. Eventually you may even become the biggest animals - the king dragon. Controls Player movement is controlled through mouse movement Sprinting is available in game and can be used through pressing or holding in your space bar. Be careful to not run out of water! "S" control can be used to shoot water Lastly, "W" or right click on your mouse can be clicked to use abilities. Some animals may or may not have abilities, and they vary. Type in the insanegames.io global chat to talk with other players and friends Make sure to rate and share this exclusive Mope.io Sandbox server! If you want to discover more io games, check out the recommended games down below. There are surely more fun io games for you to play - and these are all unblocked io games. If you are at school and need to use a proxy, check the top left of the game and we may have a proxy available.
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