IO Games are free to play and easy to access browser games. Many are multiplayer consisting of simple mechanics and team aspects. Whether you want unblocked online games to play with friends or solo games to grind, InsaneGames.io is the perfect place to be!

We offer a large selection of io games including action games, strategy games, shooting games, FFA games, team games, battle royale games, and so much more. Free to play and no downloads.


Back in 2015, Matheus Valadares released agar.io which quickly became the first viral io game with hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Large YouTubers such as PewDiepie made videos on it showing the endless hours of unblocked fun you can have on free, multiplayer games.

Thus io games were born. Since then, thousands of io games have been created by hundreds of different developers. Some other notable hits are slither.io, diep.io, mope.io, surviv.io, krunker.io, skribbl.io, and zombsroyale.io.

The future is bright for these casual browser-based games, built with advanced html5 technology. IO Games are rapidly taking over outdated genres such as flash games and making their everlasting presence online. There are new releases every day to look forward to.


Here at InsaneGames.io, we have a goal to provide players with the best selection of online io games. We offer a global chat and free accounts for our players to experience io gaming at its finest. Leaderboards, giveaways, and more are on the way.

We also want to reward developers who put their all into creating great games for us to enjoy. Exposure for their games is a top priority.

InsaneGames.io has hundreds of io games with that list growing by the week. Unblocked multiplayer games and browser games for you to play at school,work or in your free time. Stay tuned for the newest releases.