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Brutal.io presents to you a fierce battle between tough rivals. Prepare your skills for this awesome Multiplayer iO game and see how long you can survive. In the game, you will direct your own vehicle with a flail behind, and your main task is to get rid of other opponents around before they take you out. Your flail will help you do that, only if you know how to use it wisely and cleverly. You are supposed to swing your flail and launch it at the enemies to stop them from killing you first. If they attack you, your car will get damaged, leading your game to come to an end. There are several ways you can fulfill to take out the opponents more efficiently. Try to smash them against the wall, or surprisingly attack them, killing them in process. Besides defeating the opponents, you need to gain more mass and evolve into a bigger car with a stronger flail. You aim to climb the leaderboard and rule the whole arena. Wish you luck!
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