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Long live the king! Castlesiege.io is a medieval-style multiplayer combat game. Destroy your opponents while defending your castle to become King of the realm! How to play Castlesiege.io Movement: WASD or arrow keys Attack: Left or right mouse click Kill other players by attacking them directly or by destroying their castles. Castlesiege.io Progression Increase your level by killing players, their castles, or crates. As your level increases, you gain special points which can be used to upgrade the following: • Max Health – Increases health • Health Regeneration – Increases health regeneration speed • Movement Speed – Makes you move faster • Attack Rate – Makes you able to attack faster • Weapon Damage – Increase damage done by your weapon • Castle Defense – Upgrades your Castle’s defenses You start out with a stick, but don’t be discouraged; increasing you level also unlocks new weapons! Castlesiege.io Strategy When you kill other players, their score is added to yours. If your castle is destroyed, it’s game over. So be careful not to stray too far from it. There is a limited amount of special points available, so choose wisely. Entering another player’s castle will cause you to take damage so try not to trespass for too long. Have fun!
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