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Polyguns.io is a topdown, multiplayer shooter game. Battle against other players while destroying menacing polyGUNs! How to play Polyguns.io Movement: WASD or arrow keys Shoot: Left or right mouse click Reload: R Use Perk: Spacebar Polyguns.io Progression Increase your level by destroying Polyguns, targets and killing other players. As your level increases, you gain special points which can be used to upgrade the following: • Max Health – Increases health • Health Regeneration – Increases health regeneration speed • Movement Speed – Makes you move faster • Fire Rate – Makes your gun fire at a faster rate • Weapon Damage – Increase damage done by your weapon • Reload Speed – Makes you reload faster You start with a pistol. As you progress and increase your level, you will unlock more powerful guns. When a Polygun is destroyed, you are awarded Polytags based on how much damage you did to it. Polytags can be used to unlock new skins. Go solo or invite your friends to play as a team and take down some Polyguns! Have fun!
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