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Surviv.io is a popular 2D battle royale shooter where you compete against other players and try to be the last man standing! The goal is to get as many kills as possible, collect the best loot, and get a victory royale. Pick up rare guns and abilities, and unlock the battle pass to go through the levels. Get new items and skins to show off to others! With a large map and a red zone closing in, you will need lots of skill to overcome the challenges in surviv.io (also known as surviv, survive io, survival io, survive.io, survival.io, surviv ii, surviv io 2, survivi io, survivi.io, survivio, surviviio, surviveio, survi, surviv io io, and survio). Hit difficult trickshots and play smart to make sure no one can outplay you. There are various game modes in surviv including a solo game mode, duos game mode, and squads game mode. You are able to join with friends or simply que up and join with randoms. Work together as a team or maybe even play solo squads if you have what it takes to 1v4! You may decide to make in-game purchases because there is a battle pass every season and special packs available to buy including gold items! All this can be done by registering an account on surviv io. Controls... WASD to move Mouse to aim Left click to shoot F key to pickup items R key to reload Left click on inventory to use, for example, left click on bandages in your inventory to heal Right click on inventory to split, for example, right click on ammo to drop half for a friend Type in the insanegames.io global chat to talk with other players and friends Make sure to rate and share Surviv.io! If you want to discover more io games, check out the recommended games down below. There are surely more fun io games for you to play - and these are all unblocked io games. If you are at school and need to use a proxy, check the top left of the game and we may have a proxy available.
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