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Stolk.io, also known as stolk io or stolk, is a fast-paced ping pong ball game where you compete against other players! The goal is to knock your opponents off the map. Playing as a ping pong ball that is holding the paddle trying to hit other balls in an epic table tennis table arena! Use your spped and skills to evade opponent attacks and knock them off the table before they knock you off. As you grow, your speed will start to decrease. This is because you are getting heavier and larger. The heavier you get the harder it is for other player to knock you over the edge, but you are not invincible. Be careful and have fun in this free io game. CONTROLS (W) : Move Forward (A) : Move Left (S) : Move Backwards (D) : Move Right (Shift) : Hold for short boost (LMB) : CLICK to swing paddle, HOLD to charge up swing and hit with more power Type in the insanegames.io global chat to talk with other players and friends Make sure to rate and share Stolk.io! If you want to discover more io games, check out the recommended games down below. There are surely more fun io games for you to play - and these are all unblocked io games. If you are at school and need to use a proxy, check the top left of the game and we may have a proxy available.
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