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Zombsroyale.io is a 2d online multiplayer battle royale game! The goal is to outlive 99 other players and get a victory royale. Collect the best loot and dominate the lobby! There are tons of weapons to choose from at different tiers. The tiers rank in the following order of rarities: Mythic-Legendary-Epic-Rare-Uncommon-Common with Mythic being the best. With stunning graphics and tons of map locations, you will need lots of skill to win in zombsroyale.io (also known as zombs, zombs royale, fortnite io, fortniteio, fortnite.io, zombs royal, zombsroyal.io, zombs royal io, zombsroyale io, zombsroyaleio, battle royale io, zoms, zombs io, zomb, zombs io royale, zombie io, zombie.io, zombieio, zombsroyale io io, zombs r, zombs royale com, zombies royale, zombs io battle royale, royal io, zombi io, and zombio). Be sure to not get caught in the storm, otherwise called the red zone! It is very dangerous and will cause a rapid loss in health. There are a bunch of game modes including the solo game mode, duos game mode, and squad game mode, although there are also some limited edition gamemodes that come into the game once in a while. You can join duos or squads with friends, or simply que up and randomly play with others. If you’re confident in your abilities, try a solo-squad run… you’d have to be a pro to get a victory royale this way. Unlock the battle pass and collect the coolest gear and skins! Spend gems on in-game items which you can buy with real money or earn for free by playing. All this can be done by registering an account on zombs royale io. Controls... WASD to move E key to pick up items or interact with objects R key to reload Left click to shoot Right click to zoom if you have a scoped weapon Enter key to chat Type in the insanegames.io global chat to talk with other players and friends Make sure to rate and share Zombsroyale io! If you want to discover more io games, check out the recommended games down below. There are surely more fun io games for you to play - and these are all unblocked io games. If you are at school and need to use a proxy, check the top left of the game and we may have a proxy available.
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